A Life Changing Experience…

It has been a week since the time things started to change, things like the way I think, I act, I live. But I must say it has also been hard. But by God’s grace it has been possible. Hannah Gaston's testimonyIt all started April 30-May 1. Those were the days where God has provided in an instant all the things we(the praise and worship team) needed. From transportation, to lodging, to food. I mean c’mon you can’t come up with about 10k in less than a week right? But, by God’s miracle, we did. What im trying to say is that God really paved the way for us to be able to go to Dumaguete. We had to wake up around 4ish to leave and we arrived about 11ish. It took us almost 6hours to get there, the trip was really tiring but it was all worth it. Oh not to mention we had cockroaches as our welcoming committee at the 1st hotel they checked us in, so we move to another hotel which was better and looked like aladins and jasmines palace. Anyway, the purpose we went to dumaguete was to attend the worship symposium. Honestly I was more excited ‘cause I was hoping we would be able to go on a vacation after the symposium. But yea, everything just changed in a gippie. And I tell you the Worship symposium was just amazing, overwhelming and life changing if I may add. It was more than I had expected.

I could proudly say that Gods presence was there and was talking to each and every one of us in even the smallest aspects of our lives. Everything we’ve praying about, talking about and hoping for were confirmed and answered. And not only that, the Holy spirit revealed a lot of things if not everything regarding what we need to change in our lives. God knew what we had to let go, what we had to surrender to him and most of all, what we had to do. And for me a few of them was to forgive, because it was just a few weeks before the symposium when I told myself not I couldn’t forgive I’d rather stop talking to that person because of that anger that has been built up in my heart that was slowly turning into hatred (God exactly knows what we need, I really thank him for revealing this to me). And the other one was to stop living a compromised life. I realized and learn a lot of things during those 2 amazing days, I mean a lot, a lot as in it would take me a lot of pages to write. So other than what I have mentioned on top I would like to add something that I have learned specially the ones regarding our Praise and worship ministry. We are often too busy with our ministry that we are missing out on Gods word, we often say that we are too busy with our ministry with all the practices and all the excuses we could come up. We are forgetting that we won’t be able to worship God sincerely if do not spend time with him we must always remember that God does not want our ministry, he wants us. And when you say Worship its not just about singing in front of the whole congregation, its not about having an awesome voice, its not about raising your hands or performing or even pretending in front of the whole church. But its about what is going on between you and the Lord, God does not look on the outward appearance but he looks at what’s in your heart. Worship is an experience, experiencing God’s presence in your life and sharing that with other people leading them into worshipping the Lord our God. Worship is a lifestyle, its not just on Sundays when we go to Church where we worship, worshipping is living your everyday life in awareness of God’s presence.

I really thank God for that very awesome experience, it has been awhile since the passion and fire of God in my life has died down but I thank God for His grace, for putting that up again and I’m praying everyday for God’s grace to keep that flame and passion burning, burning for Him. As I’m also praying with each and every one of us (the team). To sum it all up, GOD IS AWESOME! The place and the people there were really nice. The sad part of our trip is that we didn’t have enough time to so spend time with our new friends that we met during the symposium. And the good part is that it gives us all the more reason to come back. And we are definitely coming back.

P.S. for those people whom God used to make this possible, I thank God for you. You are indeed a great blessing. May God Bless you more than you could imagine.

Hannah Gaston

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