We believe in relational evangelism over a more impersonal approach (handing out a tract/bible or attending a big crusade). We believe that people will have an open heart towards a friend than from a stranger. The love we have for people is what will attract them to the gospel message. The most significant life changing stories of the Bible are found when Jesus engaged with people on a one-on-one approach.

Network Christian Ministries believes in partnering with other Christian organizations to further build the Kingdom of God. We realize the context that our local church works in, that we are part of the larger body of believers worldwide. Here are some of the people and ministries we support and work with.

Every believer is given spiritual gifts and talents that is to be used for the common good of God's church. We are a church community when we: Worship together, relate together using our talents and spiritual gifts, study God's word together for the purpose of growing spiritually and finding our place of service. Our training course on finding your place of service (NetWork Class) directs the right people to plug into the right places of ministry for the right reasons.